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Regulating Agencies:

osha Occupational Safety &Health Administration

There are three main standards within OSHA that govern suspended building maintenance:

1910.25 Subpart D: Walking-Working Surfaces

1910.66 Subpart F: Powered Platforms & Appendix C

1926.500 Subpart M: Fall Protection

iwca ANSI/IWCA I-14.1

The I-14.1 standard was developed by the American Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International

Window Cleaning Association (IWCA). Adopted in October 2001, this standard was created to provide accepted safe practices for window cleaning.

We all know to well what this four letter word means to Contractors, Building Owners, Building Managers, and Architects. Bauwerk Safety Systems provides a complete technical consultation service to ensure that all OSHA and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 safety standards and codes are met for the complete safety of the worker. Unfamiliarity with safety issues on the part of the designer can often can lead to work stoppage, citations, fines, and subsequent court action as well as multi-million dollar third party lawsuits. Compliance with the latest requirements puts the responsibility of meeting the IWCA I-14.1 safety standard directly on the building owner.

It is common practice for workers engaged in the maintenance of buildings to be provided with the proper attachment points. However, many buildings are not provided with suitable anchorage attachment points for both primary hang lines and safety lines. Instead, the lines are often attached to any convenient member around which a rope can be tied that the worker can find available. Fact is, many of these members are not capable of supporting a worker in the event of the worker falling and when put to the test, give way or fail. Unless the building has been designed for the provision of suitable anchorage points for the suspended access equipment being employed, including separate building maintenance systems, eventually conditions will combine to produce a disastrous fall.

Bauwerk Safety Systems is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet all OSHA and ANSI I-14.1 standards and codes.

IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard

“All buildings where window cleaning is performed that employ suspended equipment shall be equipped with roof anchorage or other approved devices which will provide for the safe use of the Equipment in conformance with the provisions of this standard”. (Section 4.1.1)

“Building owners and/or their operating agents shall provide window cleaner contractors with written assurance that the installation or structure has been inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the I-14.1 standard”. (Section 1.6.2)

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